A Murder Of Saints by Chris Miller

In the town of Longview, a secret is kept. A secret that would split the church if ever its sickening deeds came to light. And from those deeds, the actions that would follow, a monster is born.
Chris Miller has penned an amazing, fast-paced story that will have you turning pages faster than your fingers can move. A Murder of Saints is part revenge, part darkness versus light. It truly does give the reader a lesser of two evils choice. 
Charlton Fields(little Charlie) lost everything with the death of his sister, all to those under the guise of saints. Police detective Harry Fletcher lost his faith due to the mess that caused the death of Sophie Fields. The chain of events set forth by one sick, twisted man gives way one of the most disturbing vengeance tales I have read in a very long time. And Miller hit his mark perfectly. Strong characterization, dialogue, imagery, he nails it, keeping the suspense high and the mind wondering how this rollercoaster ride from hell will end. He has also highlighted, quite well, the evils that lurk in those we seek guidance from, those that we put our trust into, reminding us that nothing is at it seems, and that is always going to be wolves in sheep’s clothing preying on us. And that there will always be someone behind them sweeping their crumbs under the rug. 
Certain times while reading this novel, I felt how Harry felt and could see where Charlton was coming from, even if it was a little insane. Miller crafted the story so well, that it was difficult not too. All the pain and heartache of the characters was well written and gave this story life. And there is a lesson to be learned and wisdom to be gained, but I’d rather all of you to read it to what I am babbling about. 
Overall, this was a terrific read and I look forward to reading all of Chris Miller’s work. 

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