Gabriela: Tales From A Demon Cat by R.C. Rumple

Way to nail it Mr. Rumple! This probably one of the best collections I have read in awhile. Being a cat person, I thought this to be handled in just the right fashion and Gabriella to be the perfect feline storyteller. Well written with each tale carrying a different feel and holding its own charm, I was curious to see where the author would take me. Some were a bit of suspense, while all were creepy little nightmares that had me reliving my childhood on stormy nights reading by candlelight or a handy flashlight if we had lost power. 
      Mr. Rumple has a classic style to his prose that I enjoyed and was refreshed to see. Not dated, mind you, but classic.  The kind of tales that always piqued my curiosity. The kind of tales that at times had me peeking from under my blankets with one eye if a tree branch slapped the side of the house while I was sleeping. Among my favorites in this collection are Snake, Rattle, and Role; Help Me; Big Feet Minus expensive Shoes; and Text Me. 
     While not every story in this collection is horror, exactly, which the majority does fit that bill, they all have a certain level of dark and creepy to any reader of the macabre entertained. I advise you not to pass this one up. Trust me, you do not want to miss out on this gem.

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