The Order by Richard Raven

A thought-provoking collection of human and inhuman horrors delving into mortal madness and paranormal malignance.

The Order by Richard raven is a well-written collection of stories that will have you reading late into the night and jumping at shadows. With a skilled hand and powerful imagination, Richard has given us a look at human depravity, obsession, redemption, karma, and the deeply rooted evil that stalks us all, inside and out. Each of these stories, for me, had an inner meaning, some moral hidden beneath the horror. I felt like I was able to take away something from each tale, something that made me think. This is due to the gift of writing, for creating, that Richard Raven has, the way he weaves his stories together, the way he brings his characters to life. You know these people, you feel for them, you want to reach out for them to take your hand and pull them from their plight. Vivid imagery, realistic dialogue, unrelenting horror, The Order delivers without hesitation. One thing I loved was that with each story, I was unable to stop midway before finishing one and moving on to another; the pull was that strong. Each of these shorts could be expanded into longer works, but are amazing as they are. I am looking forward to reading more work from the author in the future.

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