Poisonous by Tommy B. Smith

The idea for this story is awesome, and the character Lilac devious, yet conflicted. Considering her origins, it is not hard to see why. My only issues with the story were the pacing and POV hopping. While the author did a wonderful job, it felt rushed and there was no time to really understand the full nature of the pain and other issues weighing on the characters. Smith is a very talented writer, you can see his gift in his prose, but this book I believe would have benefited from about another hundred or more pages. Enough to let Smith’s skills shine.
The other, the POV hopping. While in some instances head-hopping in the same scene without a scene break can work, as long as it is light. Generally, a scene where something major is being witnessed in different places. Otherwise, it can get confusing.
Overall, I found this a fun read with an interesting plot and would to see what Mr. Smith can do when he really hammers down. I will be following his work to what else he has lined up for us.

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