The Hodges Trilogy

Before I get into this review, I need to explain how I view King novels. Or how I manage to never be truly disappointed. For one, I never enter into a King novel expecting a clone of “THE STAND” or “‘SALEM’S LOT”. I never have any expectations at all of it reading as any of his previous works. True there are some I like more than others, but that could be the same with any author. And I never look at it like, this is not good as his classic works. As an author grows, their style will grow and adjust with them.
With the Bill Hodges trilogy, and that is apt as the story basically is about Bill, there was no classic King-feel to me at all, but still very well-written and enjoyable. Granted there was a hint of the King of yore scattered here and there, but this had its own unique feel. You follow Bill, Holly, and Jerome through 3 volumes of suspense with a peppering of sci-fi at the end.
Without spoiling this, retired police detective Kermit William Hodges is contacted by the person responsible for mass deaths and injuries from his last case. The weapon was a Mercedes, the dead and injured a group of people gathered for a job fair. This leads to, not an obsession, but rather a determination to stop his adversary that leads through three books. Although the second book is a story of a different kind of crook Bill must takedown, it sets up book three with the original villain ready to enter stage left.
Would I recommend the Hodges trilogy? I sure as hell would. It is King doing what he does best. Tell a character driven story that will not bore you. You may have a few leaking eyes toward the end, though.

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