Deranged Minds by Richard Rumple and Charles Lynne

Review for Deranged Minds
By R.C. Rumple and Charles Lynne
First, I would like to say that I am familiar with Rumple’s work and have always enjoyed his prose. After reading Gabriela: Tales from a Demon Cat, I was more than a little intrigued by his talent. Reading through Deranged Minds, and the title is quite on the money, I was able to get a feel of Charles Lynne’s prose. Both of these men have an exceptional imagination and I was not left wondering what the hell I had just read, but with a depraved satisfaction of each tale consumed. There is a lot of Karma in these pages for you to feast upon, with those getting their just desserts in some of the most gruesome and chilling ways. Overall, this is a great collection of tales for any avid fan of horror. You will find a little suspense, a little gore, some paranormal gems, and a completely new reason to sleep with the lights on. Do not pass this one up horror fans.
5 Stars
James Watts
Author of THEM.

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