Better You Believe by Tony Evans

I first Tony Evans at Scarefest in 2019. We shared a table with authors Chris Miller and Richard Rumple. Tony is a down to earth guy with a great sense of humor. The type of person you make friends with instantly. We made a book swap, one copy of my novel THEM for a copy of his collection of short stories BETTER YOU BELIEVE. And I must say, I was far from disappointed. Tony has compiled a collection of scary tales he had heard growing up from others or were passed down to him. Putting his own talented spin on each, and leaving notes of origin after each story he penned, Evans has showcased his ability to tell one hell of a creepy story. These are the kind of stories that will make you jump at shadows and question every little noise you hear after the sun goes down and the lights go out. I promise you will be checking under your bed and in your closet after reading this masterful collection of the macabre. So, go on, pick up a copy, and dive in. If you like a more traditional spooky yarn, one pulled from the folklore of our ancestors, the kind you may have heard from your grandparents, you are going to love Better You Believe by Tony Evans.

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