Train of Blood by Richard Rumple

What can I say about Train of Blood by R.C. Rumple but WOW! I have read and enjoyed Rumple’s shorter works. Gabriella: Tales of a Demon Cat and the Deranged Minds, the collection he collaborated on with Charles Lynne, both excellent reads. But Train of Blood may be his best I have read to date.
No spoilers, but the story follows Grant, a wagon master leading what he hopes is his last wagon train west, and a rather large one at that. Wagon Trains were always perilous. If the wildlife didn’t get you, the natives would. Or maybe mother nature would take you or even the land itself. Now add paranormal beasties and all those dangers are shadowed by this new danger, yet still lurk about ready to show you that they would not be outdone. With all of these dangers on his mind, Grant is charged with getting these people to their homes and lives in one piece. Easier said, then done. Add to all of this the unrest of the travelers, the worry over dwindling supplies, and those who would lead a mutiny against him, and Grant had his hands full.
This was one wild and well-written ride of terror in the Old West that I promise you do not want to miss. Five stars, Mr. Rumple, on a job well done.

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