The Damned Place By Chris Miller

This is the second of Miller’s books that I have read, the first being A Murder of Saints. I can definitely see the growth of the author between the two novels. Saints was a great read, not downplaying it one bit. The Damned Place, however, is on an entirely new level. Miller’s ability for imagery and characterization shine even brighter in this coming of age tale that would sit nicely with novels like It and Dreamcatcher, and lays out the spectrum of his storytelling capabilities.
At the same time, while reminiscent of the works of his influence Stephen King, Miller’s voice is loud and clear. Jimmy, Honey, Ryan, and Freddie (the classic losers club type kids) are harassed by the psychotic bully Jake and his cronies Bart and Chris after standing up to them. A hit on Jake’s pride.
But the bullies are not the only threat as an otherworldly evil, separated from our world by the thinnest of barriers, threatens our world using the special gift stirring within Jimmy. So now, they unfortunate friends must fight against not only the mentally unstable bullies, but also an alternate dimension boogeyman. Hold on and strap in boys and girls. The Damned Place is one hell of a ride. stars

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