Deep in the woods something is stirring. 
A small Southern town is about to be invaded by something both ancient and evil. 

When his mother is killed, Roy Sanders returns home. 

He will soon come face to face with the creatures responsible. 

The Odomulites. Ancient beings that take host bodies and feed on humanity. 
Little does Ray know his family’s relationship with the Odomulites stretches back generations. 

He is about to find out. 

Will he survive? Can they be stopped? 

Or will the Odomulites win the fight?
The small Alabama town of Jericho Hills is one with many dark secrets born from the turmoil residing within its history. Some of those secrets, as bloody and heinous as they are, were never meant to surface, to remain in the shadows forever more. So when Benjamin Belvedere comes to town, a young wanderer with a troubled past of his own, and followed by an evil little imp with a severe grudge against Ben, those secrets begin crawling up from the depths. When a few of the townspeople are murdered, Ben is the key suspect. As he begins to doubt himself, and regret coming to Jericho Hills, an even bigger threat from the town’s past rears its head and shows it teeth. A conflict that will have Ben battling two evils. The prize for winning this battle, his sanity.

Shadows of the Damned, a collection of short stories based on my horror novels and the anthologies in which they first appeared.